Instructions: This holiday season, play the new “Aney Edition” Trivial Pursuit game! This game is not available in stores but you have been chosen to receive this exciting new game because of the Aneys’ fondness for you and your family. Note that the questions are heavily weighted toward kid trivia (i.e. if you’re looking for adult questions/news, better open your next card).

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Add up the ages of the three Aney kids.

Jessie’s first impression of her kindergarten teacher:

A. “I don’t think she likes me very much”

B. “She’s really nice - almost as nice as God”

C. “She is the smartest person in the world”

D. “I don’t know why she always has a grumpy face”

In the dubious achievement category, match the feat with the kid:

Feat 1: Got a frown face sticker in gymnastics

Feat 2: Climbed to top of 20 foot street light

Feat 3: Teacher compared personality to Pippi Longstocking

All of the following were vacation destinations for the Aneys, EXCEPT

A. Sanibel Island, FL

B. Echo Bay, Canada

C. Branson, MO

D. Tikrit, IRAQ

E. Brainerd, MN

Which Aney caught the biggest fish in 2003? (hint – walleye)

Who said, “This is too much homework for such a little person.”?

Name the latest company that Tom works for.

Which kid learned to ride a “two wheeler” this summer?

Who is our personal nomination for hardest working stroke rehab patient?
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While here, take a gander at the some family pictures from 2003. We hope this holiday season finds you happy and well and we wish you all a great 2004.

-Karen, Tom, Katie, Jessie, Nick