Holiday Greetings - December, 1999

1999 Recap

1. Tom and Karen to be outnumbered
2. Aney family worsens homeless stats
3. A Neat Freak in Aney household???
4. K & M Construction, Orcas
5. Mayo Clinic’s loss is Aney girls’ gain
6. East Coast Hockey League

It’s hard to believe it’s time to do the annual Christmas letter again!  Is it the kids or just getting older that makes each year go by twice as quickly as the prior?  Writing this is one way to try and actually remember what happened in the last twelve months.  So, without further delay (and a promise not to make any Y2K jokes) here is the skinny on the Aneys in 1999:

Biggest news is that the Aney family is due for a new member April 8, 2000.  The sex?  Well, we don’t want to give it away, but let’s just say that Tom might not be the only one blamed if the seat is left up…

In other big news, we are currently homeless as we are building a new house that is supposed to be done April 1, 2000 – weather dependent.  In other words, it had better not snow this winter, because our temporary housing arrangements dry up at the end of March.

Jessica is now nineteen months old and has established herself as the neat one in the family.  She picks up after all of us and makes sure we keep things orderly.  The doctor assures us that she is okay, although we’re considering genetic testing.  Also of note is her obsession with shoes.  She knows which shoes are whose and often demands that Karen and I switch shoes (which we usually do, since she is the expert).

When she’s not fussing over someone’s shoes, she’s doing all the toddler things that Karen and I think are incredibly cute and interesting, but if I elaborate, I’m sure that you will discard this and read the next Christmas letter.

Katie is quickly learning the ways of the world.  For example, when we told her someone’s dad was a doctor, she thought that was hilarious and exclaimed, “No way, boys can’t be doctors!”  Recently she informed us that she and her pre-school friend Matthew are planning to start K & M Construction Company when they grow up.  Her days at pre-school are filled with planning for this venture.  They are tackling crucial business issues such as what color hardhats to wear.  This latest ambition succeeds swimming teacher, ambulance driver, baseball player, cake decorator, and dancer, in that order.

Katie’s love of swimming continues.  However, for Jessica, the only redeeming aspect of swimming is “the [hot] tub”.  Katie recently had swimming “tryout” and will begin taking lessons with the Rochester Swim School program, part of the Rochester Orcas Swim Club.

Karen’s quest for a reduction to 60% at Mayo was finally achieved.  She spends the additional  time with the girls, and we are very grateful.  She has also found time to continue her research and teaching interests at Mayo.

Tom is still with PricewaterhouseCoopers and still thinks he has the best job in the world.  He infrequently has to take a trip to the East Coast, but he doesn’t complain too much because he always takes his hockey equipment.  That’s not a misprint.  Believe it or not, his boss is an avid men’s league player and they always schedule business trips during hockey games.

1999 was a wonderful year for us.  However, I am deeply concerned at how quickly it flew by.  For those of you whom we saw in 1999, we are grateful and for the others, it’s been too long.  To all of you, we wish you happy holidays and a prosperous start to the new century.

-Tom, Karen, Katie, and Jessie