Holiday Greetings - December, 1998

Hello everyone!

I haven’t gotten to meet many of you yet - and even if I have, I’ll admit I’m not that great with names yet.  However, I have figured out my name.  It’s Jessica Lynn Aney (not to be confused with Jesse the Body).  I’m eight months old.  This year has been quite enlightening for me.  The first few months I had plenty of peace and quiet.  Then I heard Mommy telling Katie that I was going to be “born”.  (Katie said “no, maybe later.”)  At the time, I didn’t think much of this “event.”  Boy, was it a shock!  I tried to stay in a warm little tunnel and I was doing pretty well until they got out those forceps out…  Well, I grudgingly came out but I have to admit, life on the “outside” is pretty fun.

My sister Katie proudly tells me she is two-AND A HALF.  She is often my entertainment director.  We get along great!  When I grow up, I want to be just like her.  She still loves swimming.  She can even dog paddle all by herself!  She and Daddy like to stand on the edge of the pool and do the “Nestea plunge” (fall backwards into the water).  She also likes skating, computer games, and music and loves “pretending” all kinds of stuff. 

Mommy has enjoyed this year.  She took time off when I was born and then returned to work 60% time so she could play with Katie and me more.  Sadly, she will have to return to full time for a while in 1999, but hopefully, she’ll be back to part-time in six months or so.  Mommy still hasn’t found time to play tennis, but she promises that she’ll play with Katie and me when we get a little bigger.

Daddy is turning out to be a pretty fun guy.  (I was skeptical at first.)  His big news is his new position with PricewaterhouseCoopers (merger of Pricewaterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand), helping develop an actuarial computer system.  He finally found a job that lets him combine his actuarial and computer skills and he loves it.  The commute to work is pretty far though – about 1190 miles!  (Ft. Lee, NJ).  Fortunately, he has arranged to work from home!

For those of you who know Daddy, you’ll be surprised to know that he has taken up JOGGING!  As a result, he is down to his college weight, which is a 28-pound improvement from mid-summer.  He still plays hockey and tennis whenever he can.

As most of you know, Mommy and Daddy like to travel as a family.  In all the travels they’ve done, there has been one place overlooked.  Well, we finally did it.  You guessed it – Wisconsin Dells!  We did the Dells this summer with Katie and three of her “best” friends (and their parents).  It was great fun and I can’t wait to go back next year when I get this walking thing figured out!  We had some other fun trips as well including cousins in Canada, Mickey in Orlando, and Grandma and Grandpa in Sanibel Island and Scottsdale.

Well, as I close, I’ll give you all fair warning to “toddler-proof” your home if I visit because I plan to be walking.  Since I pulled myself to a stand in my crib at the EXACT same age as Katie achieved this milestone, I expect to be walking around the 9.5-month mark like her as well.  That would be early February……

I hope 1998 was as exciting and new to all of you as it was for me and my family.  Happy Holidays and have a great 1999!  (Isn’t there a song about 1999?  I haven’t heard it yet on any of the Barney or Raffi tapes that we listen to…)

Jessica Lynn
Born April 19, 1998
9 lbs, 2 oz.